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Champion Lockers:
Locker Repair & Refurbishing

Installing New Lockers for over 100 Years

make your lockers look new again

We Offer to all
Western States;

  • Locker Refurbishing
  • Locker Repair & Painting
  • Layout & Design for New Lockers
  • Demo & Dispose of your Old Lockers
  • Installation of New Lockers
  • Replacement Parts and Master Locks available Nationwide.

Dont Replace, Refurbish & Save 70%-80%

Why Refurbish your Lockers?
  • Older lockers were built with a stronger gauge metal and a more thoughtful design.
  • A refurbished locker will outlast most new lockers built today.
  • It's cost effective, quick and enviromentally green.
  • Your Student Body, Staff, Parents, Maintenance and Facilities Managers will all appreciate the working lockers, modernization & savings.
  • "Best Bang for our Buck" we hear all the time.
  • Bring back pride to your hallways and Locker Rooms.

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Our Step by Step Process

Why Champion?

Exceptional Quality

Free on site examination followed by a written proposal

On site refurbishing without interruption of daily activities

Over 25 years experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Champion Lockers:
We Are Locker
Refurbishing Specialists

Champion Lockers, Inc.
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